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    "Character Generation and Overall Game Rules":https://game-of-chickens.obsidianportal.com/wikis/character-generation-and-overall-game-rules "Planescape box set":http://www.abluestar.com/utilities/planescape/

  • Astranda's ongoing game

    [[Astranda and the Thingy Place]] [[Astranda and the Proud Yet Semi Awkward Leave Taking]] [[Astranda, His Spine, the Old Man and the Wagon]] [[Astranda and the Confused Fish]] [[Astranda and the Well]] [[Current Events]]

  • Astranda and the Confused Fish

    You get carefully situated on Sparkles and ready to head back out again. With a wave, the farmer moves off down the road on his creaky wagon. Achmed is talking quietly to himself, lost in thought as he writes “The farmer’s wagon and the ditch of E-V-I …

  • Astranda and the Well

    You mount back up onto Sparkles, trying to ignore the aroma of fish rising from your elegant hands. Noon has come and gone, and the afternoon is well at hand. Achmed follows behind you on his horse, recently dubbed "Ganges". _Gazing upon the lands, …

  • Cargyle Falls

    Capt of the Guard is Capt. Dryfus. Another guard is Officer Blowsalot The 6th lvl stupid evil mage is milhouse.

  • Fenrir

    A run away at a young age due to his condition he lived in the woods feeding of animals until one day he was captured and imprisoned by a mage looking for a test subject. He suffered slowly and bought his time waiting for the moment to strike and escape …

  • Maria Sydney Faulkner

    Maria Sydney Faulkner comes from (insert small village name) where she worked under the village healer and learned much about healing and herb-lore and also learning to play the fiddle to entertain the village folk. As she grew up she learned where …

  • Grand Crusader Maladaar the Vanquisher

    One day on his travels a brave paladin Maladaar found a child in a basket abandoned in the forest where monsters and creatures of many dangers wandered aimlessly very frequently. He decided to save this child and make him his …

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