Obadiah Sandelspout


Obadiah Sandelspout is a charming old man, with bright twinkling blue eyes, a long bushy white beard that reaches all the way down to his belt. At first glance he appears friendly with his blue wizards robe with golden stars woven into the fabric, and a peculiar looking hat upon his head. Obadiah is moderately tall, but age and years of pouring over various tomes and parchments has not been kind to his posture and he has permanent slouch. Obadiah is as frail for his age as you would expect, but his mind is as keen as it ever was, though that may not be immediately apparent. Fortunately, his frailty has not affected his general health and hand eye coordination.

Obadiah’s youth, many years ago, was spent traveling and training under as many Master Wizards as he could find, he craved knowledge and wanted to have a vast repertoire of magic available to him, to cover any situation that could come up. After many years of travel and adventure, Obadiah settled in a community as an adviser for a minor Lord and became tutor in the wizarding arts for their youngest son. Obadiah stayed with the Arroway family for many years until his young pupil was tired of reading about adventures in books and wanting to experience them on his own. With the eldest sons of the Arroway family feeling that Obadiah is too old to continue being an adviser, they released him of his service but offered him a permanent home within the castles ground. Obadiah refused, feeling there is quite a bit more fight left in his bones and ventured once more into the world, for one final adventure.

Planar Personal Questionnaire:

Favourite Colour: Blue
Favourite Food: Roasted Duck
Best Memory as a child: Discovering his magical abilities
Worst memory as a child: being bullied for not enjoying physical activities
What you like about the other characters?:
What you dislike about the other characters?:
Dave is the one who sucks
Etc…: Obadiah’s early years with his parents were spent mostly on the road. Travelling from place to place. His father, Jebidiah, was a mage of little consequence and even littler substance. Earning money for the family by performing sleight of hand and other trickery with the aid of real magic. Obadiah’s mother, Sarah Jean, was a modestly talented seamstress who supplemented the family income by creating dazzling dresses and other garments to sell to Nobility. She also participated in the act by performing fortune telling and mind reading tricks. It is still unknown whether she possessed any actually telepathic ability. Obadiah was brought up on the importance of learning and studying, which came quite naturally to him.

Once his magical abilities surfaced, Obadiah was obligated to take part in the acts but quickly became disenchanted with the trivialness of his fathers magic; Obadiah demanded more from his new found power. Once having reached the age of 16 Obadiah was able to perform all of his fathers tricks with ease, as well as having invented a few of his own. The “showbiz” life had finally run its course, and after a heated argument involving a few long and complicated, though highly descriptive choice words, set off on his own to further his craft.

Many years later, after Obadiah had learned a great many thing in the way of magic, he received word that his parents had fallen ill. Travelling a great distance to a small community in the lands of the Arroway family, Obadiah reunited with his now elderly parents. Within the next year, Jebidiah passed away due to respiratory illness, the old man would still continue his act in the local tavern, even after all the years and his faithful audience had figured out every last trick. The following year Sarah-Jean followed Jebidiah into eternal rest, finishing one final garment before falling asleep for the last time. A set of wizarding robes, Blue with Golden Stars.

After the death of his mother, Obadiah was unsure of what to do next. There were not many wizards of the land who knew more of magic than he did, and those that did were usually not to keen on sharing their secrets. Deciding that to honor his parents he should perform one final show, one in which this community has never seen. Donning his new wizarding robes he gathered the entire community into the town square. With everyone watching in awe Obadiah unleashed the greatest spectacle of magic anyone had ever seen topped off with Obadiah transforming himself into a beautiful Silver Dragon and flying away.

Later that evening, when everything had settled down., Obadiah returned to his parents home and began to pack his belongings. Lost in his own thoughts he was startled by a knock on his door. It would appear that the local lords young son, Leokas, saw the spectacle and had decided then and there that he wished to become a wizard. The lord offered Obadiah room and board if he would become tutor for all his sons, and perhaps teach Leokas in the magical arts. Obadiah accepted the position and spent many years with the family…

Gender: M
Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Mage

Lvl: 14
XP: 1,529,933
Next: 1,875,000
Height: 5’10 (standing full with a straight back) 5’7" hunched over.
Weight: 155lbs
Age: 75
HP: 44
Current: 22
Movement: 12

Racial Abilities: None, apart from being an old man.


Hit/Dam adjustments & notes:
-1 to hit for being a feeble old man

Str: 6 -1hit, 20lbs weight, 55 max press,
Dex: 11
Con: 9
Int: 19 8 languages, immune 1st lvl illusions
Wis: 15, +1 magical defense, Bonus Spells: 2 first, 1 second
Chr: 14

Languages: Common, Elvish, Dwarfish, Orc, Gnome, Halfling, Naga, Kobold

Weapon profs:

Skills/ Nonwpn Proficiencies:
SpellCraft – Int -2
Reading/Writing –
Astrology – Int 0
Cooking – Int 0
Fire-Building – Wis -1
Weather Sense – Wis -1
Herbalism – Int -2
Engineering – Int -3
Ancient Languages – 3 ANCIENT LANGUAGES
Etiquette – Cha 0
Riding Air Borne (Dragon) – Wis -2
Swimming – Str 0
Cartography – Int -2
Fortune Telling – Int -2
Alchemy – Int -3
Prestidigitation – dex -1
Heraldry – Int 0

Saving Throws
PPDM: 11
RSW: 7
PP: 9
BW: 11
SP: 8

196 GP
1000 Obadiah Wizard bucks

Clear ioun stone circling head (provides sustenance through food and water)
Girdle of Many Pouches (worn)
Bag of Holding (contains following)

Wand of Metal/Mineral detection Wand of Fire Bracers of Brachiation Potion of Fire Resistance Helm of Comprehend Languages and Read Magic – Looks like a wizards hat Boots of Levitation Wizard Robe – Blue with gold stars all over it.

Supplies – (contained within bag of holding)
Flint and Steel
50’ Rope
Grappling Hook
Iron Pot
4’ wooden step ladder.
Bind full of paper for Map making
Wineskin with some of the Arroways family’s finest wine.
Writing Ink – with stopper
Various spices for Cooking
7 days iron ration
Spare blue wizard robe with gold stars on it
Fuzzy sweater in case it gets cold
Bullseye lantern
6 pints of lantern oil (6 hours per pint)

Black ring (of eeeeeeevviiilll) – NOT WORN
Grey Waste Paw Ring

Weapons/Location on person:
Sling – kept on belt
Bullet bag – 50 bullets (5lbs)
Rickety Wizard Staff

Spell Book

Audible Glamour
Feather Fall
Frost Fingers (Pages from Mages)
Hold Portal
Magic Missile
Nahal’s Dweomer (Tome Magic)
Protection from Evil
Protect from hunger/thirst (wiz handbook)
Spider Climb
Unseen Servant
Wall of Fog

2nd lvl
Alter Self
Fool’s Gold
Ray of Enfeeblement
Rope Trick
Safe Fall
Undead Mount (Pages from Mages)
Whispering Wind
Wizard Lock

3rd lvl
Bands of Sirellyn (Player’s Option: Spells and Magic)
Dispel Silence (Pages from Mages)
Gust of Wind
Hold Person
Paralyzation (Spell Compendium 3)
Snapping Teeth (Wiz Guide)
Tasirin’s Haunted Sleep (Pages Mages)
Vampiric Touch
Ward Against Undead
Water Breathing

Leomund’s Secure Shelter
Phantasmal Killer
Plant Growth
Polymorph Other
Polymorph Self
Remove Curse
Spendelard’s Chaser (Pages Mages)
Stop (Drow of the Underdark)
There/Not There (Tome Magic)
Wind Breath (wiz guide)
Wizard Eye

Animate Dead
False Vision
Invulnerability to Normal Weapons (wiz guide)
Leomund’s Lamentable Belaborment
Mummy Rot (wiz guide)

Antimagic Shell
Bigby’s Forceful Hand
Glove of Invulnerability
Invulnerability to Magical Weapons (wiz guide)

Bigby’s Grasping Hand
Shadow Cat (Tome)
Steal Enchantment (Tome)

Magic Items
Girdle of Many Pouches
Bag of Holding – 500lbs
Wand of Metal/Mineral Detection
Amulet of Life Protection
Wand of Fire
Bracers of Brachiation
Helm of Comprehend languages and Read Magic
Potion of Fire Resistance
Boots of Levitation
Clear ioun stone circling head (provides sustenance through food and water)

Spells allowed
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
7 6 5 4 4 2 1 0 0



Obadiah Sandelspout

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