Kymaera Lyeoric

A fallen from grace spy master of the Skylaer family.


Name:Kymaera Lyeoric
HP: 32/32

Saving throws:

Paralisation,Poson/death magic: 12
Rod,Staff/wand: 12
Petrificatioin/poly morph: 11
Breath weapon: 15
Spell: 13

Core stats:

Str: 11
Dex :18
Con :14
Int :15
Wis :15
Chr :6
Thac0: 17
AC:4 (all fields)

Roguey stuff

Pick pockets : 35
Open locks :40
Find/Remove traps :40
Move silently :70
HIde in shadows :70
Detect noise :45
climb walls :55


Disguise ~Chr -1
Forgery Dex -1
Reading lips Wis -2
Alertness wis +1
Trailing Dex (special conditions)
Reading writing Int +1
Information gathering int (special conditions)
Observation wis 0
Musical instrument dex -1
Seamstress/tailer dex -1

gear (Worn)

Composite long bow
Hidden sheath (Dagger)
Deluxe leather pack (As detailed)
Leather armour
Signet ring (With the Skylaer emblam on it)
Quiver (18 arrows(Sheaf))

Gear (Back pack)

Sewing needle (3)*
Personal seal (1)*
Perfume (1)*
Paper (10)*
Writing ink

Flint and steel*
Weapon black(2)
Deluxe theives tools
Various poisons(TO be detailed by GM)

Total weight:35



Kymaera wears a fine dress with leggings underneath with a cloak over top made of fine black cloth and hand embroidered by Kymaera herself around the trim with a simple yet elegant blood red pattern of leaves. on her back is a custom made leather work bag that is low profiled and darkened to blend with the cloaks material which has individual padded compartments for her various tools of the trade. Her hair is shoulder length, well maintained and black, and she has a slender build but is well built in terms of muscle due to her diligence in maintaining her figure rigorously.

Back story

Kymaera comes from a far off land, she was raised in a fairly laissez faire manner and took it on herself to stay fit and healthy from a young age which was noted by the Skylaer family and she was trained under their guidance to be part of the family guard. after a time it soon became apparent to the family however that here skills were wasted in this manner so they payed for her tutelage in the rogue arts, during which she took a fairly nasty slash across her forehead during the training. after she’s completed her trainings he was rewarded with a falcon to send re con back and forth between the skylaers and her when she was in the field. over time she became very skilled at fitting in various settings so they sent her on her longest assignment yet which was scheduled to last several years but about 5 months in her falcon returned with the note still attached to his paw and on her return she found that the family were absent apart from the head of the family whom was found with a sword through his gut. she now wanders the human realm back where her assignment sent her trying to again find purpose after her parents didn’t pay her much heed upon her return when she went to investigate why the bird returned still laden.

Kymaera Lyeoric

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