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general information
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Good
Class: Paladin

Other numbers
Lvl: 11
XP: 900,000
Next: 1,200,00
HP: 56/56
Movement: 12

Hit/Dam adjustments & notes:

Core stats
Str: 15
Dex: 10
Con: 14
Int: 9
Wis: 8
Chr: 14
Thaco: 10

Weapon profs:

Skills/ Nonwpn Proficiencies:

Saving Throws
PP: 8
BW: 8
Note:All saves are +2 for paladin



Weapons/Location on person:
+5 Holy avenger, Scabbard

Spells allowed/spells cast

Magic Items

Paladin abilities
A paladin can detect the presence of evil intent up to 60 feet away
by concentrating on locating evil in a particular direction. He can do this as often as desired, but each attempt takes one round. This ability detects evil monsters and characters.

A paladin receives a +2 bonus to all saving throws

A paladin is immune to all forms of disease.
(Note that certain magical afflictions —lycanthropy and mummy rot —are curses and not diseases.)

A paladin can heal by laying on hands.
The paladin restores 2 hit points per experience level. He can heal himself or someone else, but only once per day.

A paladin can cure diseases of all sorts
(though not cursed afflictions such as lycanthropy). This can be done only once per week for each five levels of experience (once per week at levels 1 through 5, twice per week at levels 6 through 10, etc.).

A paladin is surrounded by an aura of protection
with a 10-foot radius. Within this radius, all summoned and specifically evil creatures suffer a -1 penalty to their attack rolls, regardless of whom they attack. Creatures affected by this aura can spot its source easily, even if the paladin is disguised.

A paladin using a holy sword projects a circle of power
10 feet in diameter when the sword is unsheathed and held. This power dispels hostile magic of a level up to the paladin’s experience level. (A holy sword is a very special weapon; if your paladin acquires one, the DM will explain its other powers.) See Sword, Holy avenger

A paladin gains the power to turn
undead and fiends when he reaches 3rd level. He affects these monsters the same as does a cleric two levels lower—for example, at 3rd level he has the turning power of a 1st-level cleric. See the section on priests for more details on this ability.

A paladin may call for his war horse
upon reaching 4th level, or anytime thereafter. This faithful steed need not be a horse; it may be whatever sort of creature is appropriate to the character (as decided by the DM). A paladin’s war horse is a very special animal, bonded by fate to the warrior. The paladin does not really “call” the animal, nor does the horse instantly appear in front of him. Rather, the character must find his war horse in some memorable way, most frequently by a specific quest.

A paladin may not possess more than 10 magical items.
Furthermore, these may not exceed one suit of armor, one shield, four weapons (arrows and bolts are not counted), and four other magical items.

A paladin never retains wealth.
He may keep only enough treasure to support himself in a modest manner, pay his henchmen, men-at-arms, and servitors a reasonable rate, and to construct or maintain a small castle or keep (funds can be set aside for this purpose). All excess must be donated to the church or another worthy cause. This money can never be given to another player character or NPC controlled by a player.

A paladin must tithe
to whatever charitable, religious institution of lawful good alignment he serves. A tithe is 10% of the paladin’s income, whether coins, jewels, magical items, wages, rewards, or taxes. It must be paid immediately.


Thomas Kun~~~

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