Name: Fenrir
Height: 6’ 5
Weight: 170
Age: 18
Race: Wolfwere
Sex: M
Class: Fighter/Bard
Alignment: CE
HP: 8/8
Thac0: 20
AC: 3
Level: 1F/1B
Next Level: 2,000F/1,250B
XP: 1040/225

Wolf bite attack – 2d6 damage

Strength: 13
Dmg Adj: NA
Weight Allowance: 45
Max Press: 140
Open Doors: 7
Bars/Gates: 4%

Dexterity: 11
Reaction Adj: 0
Missle Atk Adj: 0
Def Adj: 0

Constitution: 9
System Shock: 65%
Res Survival: 70%

Intelligence: 15
Number of Lang: 4
Spell Lvl: 7th
Chance to Learn Spell: 65%
Max $ of Spells/Lvl: 11

Wisdom: 12
Spell Fail Chance: 5%

Charisma: 14
Max # Henchmen: 6
Loyalty Base: 1
Reaction Adj: 2

Spoken Languages:
Common Tounge

Weapon Profs:
Battle Axe
Broad Sword
One Handed Sword

Non Weapon Profs:
Musical Instrument – Check= dex 1 (rare needed unless circumstances apply)
Hunting | Check= Wis -1
Tracking – Check=Wis 0
Swimming – Check=Str 0
Check= Int +1
Reading Lips – Check= Int -2

purty comb
neat feather
silk Nightgown, skirt, tunic
cheese x2
waterskin X2
small mirror
small knife
lamp oil
2 large sacks
3 little coin pouchs
2 gp
11 sp
18 cp

Lothar’s scrolls
6 scrolls.

Short sword

Known Spells
Affect Normal Fires
Dancing Lights
Charm Person
Read Magic

Thieving Abilities
Climb Walls – 50%
Detect Noise – 20%
Pick Pockets – 10%
Read Languages – 5%

Class Notes:
The wolfwere is an evil hateful creature that delights in the brutal slaying of humans

Able to assume a wide variety of shapes at will. Transformation takes one round

True shape is that of a giant wolf, identical to a direwolf

When luring humans it will assume the shape of a member of their race, almost always oposite sex of the target.

Plays a song to lure/lull victims. Anyone who hears the song and fails a saving throw vs spell is overcome with lethargy (same as slow spell) effects last 5-8 rounds and cannot be countered.

When attacking it usually takes the shape of half human half wolf.

Immune to damage inflicted by any weapon that is no made from Cold Wrought Iron or enchanted +1. All other weapons are simply turned aside by the creatures hide.

Disgusted by wolfsbane and will avoid whenever possible.


A run away at a young age due to his condition he lived in the woods feeding of animals until one day he was captured and imprisoned by a mage looking for a test subject. He suffered slowly and bought his time waiting for the moment to strike and escape and after many years his opportunity finally arose. Taking the form of a lavish and scantly clad maiden he lured the mage to his doom, drawing him close to his cage and killing him, finally gaining freedom from the prison he’d come to call home and set out on his journey for revenge against man kind.


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